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1.unwilling to work or use energy.

synonyms: idle, indolent, slothful,
work-shy, shiftless, inactive, underactive, sluggish, lethargic.

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dont fucking fall in love again.


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Putangina pikon na pikon ako ngayon di ko alam kung bakit. bastaa. Putcha sarap pumatay ng tao (syempre joke lang) kanina pa ako moody e. Augghh pakkk

May nangchichismis sakin sa former school ko na nakipag sex daw ako hahahahahahahahaha paker e. Hey bitch! Kung binabasa mo to, I’m so fab no? Daming kong haters :)))) kung makapag salita ka akala mo virgin ka pa din.

My friend was ranting awhile ago because she says she never felt she’s pretty, I said she just needs confidence. Then she asked me “E ikaw? Dinedeclare mo talagang maganda ka?” And I said yes, there’s nothing wrong about it, I’m not boasting. Maybe its really wrong for her. But that’s the problem with our generation, we’re belittling ourselves too much when in fact we’re greater than we think we are. We just need to have confidence and belive in ourselves. Its not being humble when we think we’re ugly or untalented or whatsoever. We’re degrading ourselves. Who else will believe in you, when you yourself don’t? Its okay to celebrate yourself. Its okay to be confident about being you, you’re not being too full of yourself. Those are two very different things. You’re just being you, and who else would be better in being you than you? You are God’s beautiful masterpiece. Every little part of you was wonderdully made. You’re here because you have a purpose. Nothing would be the same when you didn’t exist. You have an impact in this world. Never think that you don’t. Just keep on dreaming big, and do what you love the most, keep on being you.

Study or party?


you should read this.


you should read this.

I just played dress up and painted my nails. The kikayness within me is still alive. But Wth. Its 2AM already?! I shouldn’t have drank too much coffee.